Maintaining your home: what you need to do as a homeowner

We all know becoming a homeowner comes with fulfillment and challenges. There’s so much excitement that often times we forget about the maintenance our new home will need. We, at Southern Homes, understand how overwhelming maintaining a home can be. With our homeowners in mind, we have developed an easy home maintenance guide that will help you check those items off your list so you can get to enjoying your new home.

Monthly Maintenance
1. Check smoke detectors.
2. Check fire extinguishers for proper charge.
3. Clean or replace dirty filter in range hood.
4. Check for evidence of leaks around toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher.
5. Clean and freshen sink drains.
6. Inspect furnace and air conditioning filters. Replace as required.
7. Clean aerators on faucets regularly, depending on water hardness.
8. Monitor and maintain floor coverings on an as required basis.
9. Check the Temperature Pressure Release (TPR) valve on the water heater.

Biannual Maintenance
1. Inspect roof and chimney for broken or missing shingles.
2. Inspect outside of home and condition of siding, paint, stucco, etc.
3. Inspect windows and doors to verify proper operation and security.
4. Maintain wall finishes.
5. Monitor and maintain cabinets and countertops.
6. Inspect foundation.
7. Inspect main service panel, circuit breakers, all GFI outlets, etc.
8. Complete seasonal maintenance on heating and air conditioning by licensed HVAC contractor.
9. Check general condition of compressor.
10. Inspect and replace caulking and grout around tubs, showers and sinks, if needed.

Annual Maintenance
1. Examine caulking around windows, door, etc.
2. Inspect condition of concrete slabs and patios.
3. Check condition of septic tank and leech field.
4. Visually survey wood trim. Clean all woodwork and wax.
5. Have carpets professionally cleaned.
6. Complete annual furnace and air conditioning maintenance by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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