Thank You to our Customers and Our Community

It’s times like these that we’re reminded just how grateful we are for our community and our customers, and their commitment to shop local.  It’s a conscious decision that we see community members making each day, and it’s a loyalty that should always be on the top headlines. We fully recognize that there are many choices when purchasing a home, and we are thankful for those who chose and trusted us.

But, how does the decision to shop local actually impact our community?

On the surface, you can see how your decision to purchase from a local business has a positive effect on their local owner, their local employees, and even their families. However, the impact that’s happening behind-the-scenes, that you may not see, is just as moving. That business you’ve supported with just a single purchase employs the skills, products, and services of other local businesses.  It’s those businesses, their owners, their employees, and their families who are also directly affected by each decision to purchase local. Local businesses that provide the office supplies, marketing materials, accounting services, legal services, tradespeople, even the charities and non-profit organizations they contribute to; they all rely on the business of other local businesses.

Since 1991, Southern Homes has been locally owned and operated, and we know firsthand the impact a single purchase can make on the businesses that have partnered with us from the beginning.  So, we want to say “Thank You” to an amazing community that has rallied around and supported local businesses.

Just like you, we are committed to supporting Polk County and the businesses and individuals we cherish.

We’re keeping our virtual doors open and offering the ability to complete any step of purchasing a new home from the comfort of your *current* home. From picking out which floor plan you love the most, to deciding your color choices and upgrades that will make your home unique, all the way to signing a contract, the professionally trained team at Southern Homes has all the tools necessary to help you make this decision easily from anywhere. 

In addition, our model centers are still open, and we are committed to having each model center cleaned every day, as we remain devoted to your health and safety.

All it takes is a phone call, and we can help you take the next steps toward making your dream of homeownership a reality.

If you have referred new customers to Southern Homes, we appreciate your trust. Local businesses like us rely on referrals every day, and your confidence in our product inspires others around you to take the exciting steps toward owning a Southern Home.

If you’d like to refer someone to us, you may do so here: If they are a new customer, and purchase a home within a year, you will receive a $250 gift card to Publix once they close on their new home. It’s our way of saying “Thank You.”

On behalf of our employees, our sub-contractors, and all our community partners, thank you again for your effort to support local businesses, and the businesses that we partner with each day.