Top Tips for a Smoother Move

Top Tips for a Smoother Move

Moving can be exciting for many reasons: getting a fresh start in a new neighborhood, meeting new people, discovering new adventures, and of course, moving into a brand-new house! But let’s be honest: moving can be difficult and overwhelming. Thankfully, with proper planning, you can make your move less chaotic and a whole lot smoother.

Schedule your move

If you’re moving during a peak season, like the summer, securing a moving truck or company can be difficult. Once you secure your moving date, you can better plan the rest of your move.

Start packing early

Waiting for the last minute to start packing only increases your stress levels and the likelihood of forgetting something. It’s common to underestimate the time it takes to pack. Once you’ve scheduled your moving date, use that to reverse-engineer your packing timeline. Start with packing items you don’t regularly use, like holiday or seasonal décor, artwork, framed photos, books, and the like.

Clean and declutter

Moving is a great motivator to declutter and purge your belongings. There are a lot of things in our homes that have been forgotten about in storage over the years. As you pack, take stock of your belongings and purge everything you no longer need or use to sell, donate, or give away before you move.

Label everything

Label each side of the box (not just the top) so you can quickly identify where the box should be placed. You can also use colored stickers to designate each room, such as orange for the kitchen, green for the master bathroom. Be sure to place a matching sticker on the corresponding room door. Placing boxes in the room they belong too will make unpacking a breeze.

Pack an essentials box

Fill a box with everything you’ll need for a couple of days after the big move to get you through so you don’t have to rush to unpack everything. Bring along cleaning supplies, toilet paper, clean sheets and bedding, bath towels and toiletries, and extra clothes.

Delay deliveries

If you’ve purchased furniture for your new home, avoid the temptation to have them delivered the same day as your move. Instead, schedule them either shortly before or shortly after moving in so you can fully focus on the movers.

Find a sitter

If you’re able, find a sitter to watch younger children or pets. You’ll appreciate being able to fully focus on managing the move and movers without worrying about keeping an eye out for young kids or pets. Getting them away from the chaos of moving day will help make their transition to a new home easier.

These tips can help make your transition into your new home manageable.

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