Why Buy Now?

Buying a house is a big investment, often tinged by anxiety. When is the right time? Will interest rates drop or purchase prices increase? How is a home buyer to know the best time to make the best deal? 

Let us help. As a local new home builder for more than 30 years, Southern Homes cares about the neighborhoods and community we’re building. We want to help every home buyer make the best decision – and investment — for their family. 

As interest rates have increased, potential home buyers have held back. Demand for homes has declined, thereby reducing purchase prices. Waiting for low interest rates could result in more demand and thus higher prices on new homes, especially as Florida continues to attract new residents. So why buy now? 

We’re already seeing some drops in interest rates, but Southern Homes will help drive interest rates even lower with a 2/1 buydown program, getting your rate as low as 3.75% (6.578% APR) as of 12/27/23. Then, if rates drop more, you can refinance! Here’s how it works: 

  1. Southern Homes will pay to lower your interest rate by 2% for the first year of the loan. Your rate will adjust 1% each year until it returns to the original fixed rate after the buydown period. 
  1. Save monthly with reduced initial payments for two years. 
  1. When rates drop, we’ve got you covered with a refinance period of up to 10 years with NO LENDER FEES

These safety nets, along with our local buying power, can reassure you that you are making the most of your investment in a new home.  

Whether you’re interested in a quick-move-in home or in building a new home that includes some of your own design preferences, Southern Homes is a local builder, here to help.  

Learn more here: 3.75% Interest Rate